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Employment Litigation 101: What Do You Need To Know?

Employment litigation is a phrase employers and employees both tend to avoid. That being said, it’s very important for anyone that owns or works at a business to understand his or her basic rights. Litigation is simply the legal process of taking someone through court, so it follows that employment litigation is when an employer […]

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Legal Interview Questions: Dos and Don’ts for Employers

Whether you’re an employer or potential employee, it’s important to know what interview questions are legal to ask. A good rule of thumb is to stick to questions that have to do with the job’s functions. For example, a employer cannot ask if you’re married or have kids, but he or she can ask if […]

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Rights Employers & Employees Need to Know

Thanks to employment law, employees and employers are both protected in different ways in the workplace. Whether you own a business or simply work for one, it’s your responsibility to know and understand your rights. Employer Rights What do you need to know before you hire, fire, set leave policy, offer wages and more? Make […]

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Employment Litigation: Hiring an Attorney

When it comes to employment litigation, when is hiring an attorney a wise course of action? Well, it depends: Are you an employee or employer? Hiring an Employment Litigation Attorney For Employers Unfortunately, employment law issues seem to be inevitable as a business owner, which is why we recommend hiring an attorney before an employment […]

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