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Intellectual Property & Patents

In our last post we discussed intellectual property and how it relates to copyright infringement. This week, we’d like to focus on how intellectual property relates to patents. As we shared last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office defines intellectual property as “imagination made real. It is the ownership of dream, an idea, […]

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Bad Partnerships: How To Break Away

Unfortunately bad partnerships can become part of any business due to differences of opinions, leadership styles, etc. So what steps do you take when it’s time to break away? Of course, calling a lawyer is always a good first step. Even if you part on friendly terms, it’s important to protect yourself legally. At Omni […]

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Should I Hire Employees or Contractors & How Do I Tell the Difference?

When you need help running your business, a common question is if you should hire employees or independent contractors. What are the main differences? And what are the pros and cons? The main difference between employees and independent contractors is that employees provide ongoing work and independent contractors are hired for a specific project or […]

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